Tuesday, January 27, 2015

this is the remix: say my name

it's been a LONG time since i've posted and an especially long time since i've posted music.  my life is consumed as of late with my new (and totally awesome) biotech sales job and wedding planning.  speaking of the upcoming wedding, i've been thinking a lot about all of the things i love about my fiance.  one of them is his appreciation of music.  his playlist capabilities are quickly rivaling mine.  this song played on his iphone while we were painting our bedroom this weekend.  i practically sprinted across the room to get my phone to shazam it before it was over.  this is the RAC remix of odesza's "say my name".

how enjoyable was that?  i've had this blasting on my laptop all day while working from home in the "snowstorm".  ;)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

about face skin care: clear + brilliant treatment

a few months ago i got a call from a friend at about face skin care offering me a free treatment of my choice at their center city office.  i debated long and hard about what to do: was i jumping the gun on anti aging treatments?  wasn't i already doing a great job taking care of my skin?  i'm a firm believer in aging gracefully and taking preventative measures to keep my skin looking young.  botox was not (and hopefully never will be) an option for me.  i hope that i'll accept all my wrinkles as a symbol of a life well lived.  but a laser treatment seemed more appropriate.  ultimately i selected the clear + brilliant treatment.  clear + brilliant is a gentle laser meant to replace damaged skin with younger skin, leaving me with a youthful glow.  here are some before shots...  

naomi read through the potential side effects of the laser: burning during treatment, sensitivity to uv rays, and being that i'm biracial there was also a risk of my skin hyperpigmenting.  unfortunately for me, i experienced all of the above with a few additional side effects.  my skin was bright pink the day after.  the photos below are 5 days after my treatment.  within a few days the pinkness faded but i noticed my face appeared darker than usual (most evident around my mouth where you can see my original color close to my lips and the darker color further away).  my skin felt incredibly tight and i noticed an increase in fine lines on my forehead and around my mouth.  naomi gave me an amazing moisturizer from porification which helped with the dryness.  she also made sure i was using the spf 50 sunscreen she provided (which i was, and i love it!)      

so fast forward a few months...i gradually reintroduced my normal skin care products (like proactiv) once my skin was able to handle it.  (i did suffer a few out of character monster zits by interrupting my normal skincare routine).  i purchased some high strength retinol to help even my complexion back out and get rid of the hyperpigmentation.  i swapped out my normal night cream for a gentle argan oil by josie maran, and during the day i wore a vitamin c serum.  after 4 months the pesky forehead line still wouldn't budge, but thanks to some amazing serum from dior, i've seen a drastic improvement in just a few days!   

my favorite new sunscreen courtesy of about face skincare.  i wear this religiously!
the final verdict: i didn't go for the recommended 2 follow up laser treatments because i didn't tolerate the first very well.  some pro's of the clear + brilliant laser: the pores on and around my nose are visibly tighter, the broken capillaries on the sides of my nostrils also miraculously faded a bit, and my freckles significantly lightened.  the cons: i experienced all the side effects, had to purchase additional serums/creams to remedy the damage, and also endured a few embarrassing moments with my face sloughing off from the retinol (be careful with retinol: it's no joke).  i'm somewhat pleased with my results.  however, i have several friends who were treated with fraxel (a stronger laser) at about face skincare who LOVED the anti-aging results.  sadly i'm an outlier and the most sensitive of lasers wasn't sensitive enough for my unpredictable skin.  all in all i was treated incredibly well by the about face team, learned a lot from my skin consultation (those dark circles around my eyes: i was likely causing them with the rough rubbing i did to remove my makeup!), and i walked away with some amazing skin care products that i'll continue to use.  (naomi also saved my life when i sprouted a monster under the skin pimple the day before my vacation to iceland!  can't recommend her extraction capabilities enough!)  

*1 laser treatment was provided in exchange for this post.  all pictures are raw images and were NOT photoshopped.

if you're interested in the life saving skin care products i mentioned in this post, you can shop them here!  (all the porification products are available on the about face skincare website.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

i'll be home for christmas

there's a plethora of sites in this city to shoot outfit posts.  but i was in a hurry this day.  my sister and her boyfriend were coming over to open christmas gifts and were moments away.  a little bit of quick thinking and a jacket later, josh and i hit the stoop in front of our house and rapid fired off a few outfit pictures!  it just goes to show there's no place like home for the holidays...and blog shoots.    

zamrie limited edition winter scarf in rust c/o zamrie
free people plaid wool coat (similar options available here and here)
zamrie asymmetrical top in peach c/o zamrie
cleobella chandi clutch
vince zipper skinny jeans (soldout, more affordable option available here)
vince celeste pumps (available on sale in black here.  look a like pair here)

christmas #1 (with my sister) is officially done.  next up is skype christmas with my mom followed by christmas #3 in lancaster with josh's family.  it's the most wonderful time of the year :)

if you love my cozy zamrie scarf you should check it out!  it's available for a limited time also in teal and purple!   

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

into the dusk

it's getting harder every weekend to squeeze in an outfit shoot before the sun goes down.  it's a race against the clock (and the weather) being a blogger during the winter.  josh has a great deal of patience, but not enough to brave december photo shoots outdoors.  i snapped these on my tripod while he was inside the grocery store grabbing snacks for a holiday party.  that's right, this GORGEOUS philly view is from the neighborhood grocery store.  just goes to show some of the best backdrops are in the least expected places.    

rag & bone scalpel coat (similar more affordable coats here and here)
toggery terry comfort sweatshirt sweater c/o toggery brand
toggery jersey t shirt dress c/o toggery brand
pour la victoire satchel (similar bag available here)
j brand 620 super skinny jeans
matt bernson finn sneaker c/o matt bernson (more affordable look a like pair here)

it's not often you get a view of the man (most often) behind the camera.  it only took a little bit of peer pressure to lure josh from the car into the last few pictures.  he's adorable isn't he?  our april wedding is right around the corner and this weekend we also finished one of the last to do's: wedding ring shopping.  i'm counting down the days until i'm his mrs. :)

still shopping for christmas gifts?  check out toggery's made in america clothing and enter TOGGERYHOLIDAY for 25% off the entire site!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

the spirit

can you tell i'm in the holiday spirit?  thanksgiving couldn't have been over faster for me because i was SO excited to start prepping for christmas.  this weekend we got our tree, decorated the whole house and even did a little christmas shopping.  we decided to do a white and silver theme with a few pops of red and LOTS of evergreen accents.  needless to say i'm absolutely in love with our super festive home.  also loving lately: my very holiday sparkly tweed julie brown shorts.  they remind me of tinsel and put me in the christmas spirit!    

j crew coat (similar one here)
lna top (similar draped style top available here)
zara soft scarf
julie brown designs ezra tweed sparkle shorts c/o julie brown designs
zara tote bag (similar totes available here and here)
jeffrey campbell workin q boots (similar pairs here and here)

are you all ready for the christmas season?  

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

uniqlo give color

the countdown to christmas is on and i'm already brainstorming potential gifts for friends and family.  lucky for me philly is packed with bargain shopping.  a new addition to the philly shopping scene is uniqlo!  i haven't had a chance to pop in yet, but i did do a little shopping for myself on their website.  i gave myself the gift of color, and one in particular caught my eye: gray!  i'm endlessly obsessed with gray this fall and thankfully uniqlo had tons of amazing options to satisfy my color cravings.

uniqlo cashmere cap c/o uniqlo
uniqlo half sleeved crop tee c/o uniqlo
uniqlo chiffon pleated mini skirt c/o uniqlo
uniqlo cashmere v neck sweater (tied around waist) c/o uniqlo
ann taylor loft coatigan
botkier valentina mini convertible cross body bag (sold out, similar bag available here)
sam edelman over the knee boots (sold out, similar pairs available here and here)

photography by Josh Scheffey
if there's no uniqlo in your city you should check out their website for some affordable gifts (my hat, top, sweater, and skirt cost around $150 total)!  and if you'd like a little help paying for gifts, enter the uniqlo "give color" giveaway.  create a color board of some of your favorite uniqlo items, post it to instagram and hashtag #givecolor for a chance to win $100 gift card!