Thursday, March 31, 2011

me: epic

after an amazing trip to chicago packed with sightseeing, shopping and of course eating tons of pizza and hotdogs, we needed an epic ball out night of fine-r dining.  we chose a restaurant called epic.  it was a trendy spot in downtown chicago with culinary delights, cute cocktails, and an upscale crowd.  upscale to the point that they were incredibly annoying: two couples on a business dinner at the table next to us mentioned the words "richard branson", "auction" and "10 million dollar deal" so many times i was about to toss my $13 cocktail and scream, "ENOUGH! my earrings were less than $30.  now that's a deal!"  i've got a little too much class to go that route, but it would've made for an even more epic night.
here's my attire for the final night in chicago:
iron maiden hoops, free people, $28 
helmut lang wool button front vest, gilt, $148.95
plush fleece lined tights, shopbop, $35
steve madden booties
forever 21 dress
rachel leigh chain ribbon cuff, shopbop, $105

i have to thank the bf, who is becoming quite the photographer.  as i was adjusting my coat and preparing to hit the elevator he started snapping some candids.  the first was before i realized what he was up to.  and the second looks so contrived but was actually captured in the moment i looked up.  my eternity scarf is bop basics by shopbop and does a wonderful job of making me look cool and keeping me warm.  the jacket is my wonderful vince paper leather one from tjmaxx that i mentioned a few posts ago.  enjoy!

music: in anticipation of the weekend, let's make out!

"i can't control myself, when i see you there's no one else, when i get down all by myself, you're the one that i think about.  LET'S MAKE OUT!"  i hope you're all excited that it's almost the weekend.  if you've got no significant other, man friend, or lady friend, i'm sending you positive vibes and wishes that you'll find someone to make out with.  careful though, there are still plenty of colds and flus moving about.  pick a healthy looking companion from the crowd and get to it!  here's a fun jam from does it offend you, yeah? called let's make out.  get ready, it's almost friday!
let's make out

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

me: thrifting in the windy citayyyy

i'm very inexperienced as far as thrifting goes.  i had a few lucky experiences hitting up thrift sales in philly: one in a factory in fishtown where i scooped up my little red riding hood-esque plaid poncho; the other where i scored my beloved zodiac cowboy boys that i mentioned in a post this week.  i hit the thrift store jackpot in chicago while digging through racks at crossroads trading company in lincoln park.  in philly we've got the not so exciting buffalo exchange.  chicago also has a buffalo exchange a few blocks from crossroads, but its content certainly does not compare.  crossroads trading company has multiple shops in chicago, los angeles, portland, santa barbara and the bay area.  why have they forsaken all the thrift shopping lovers on the east coast?  who knows, but the trip to chicago was well worth the taking in order to dig through tons of adorable vintage finds.  i picked up a few brand new, never worn things at crossroads.  one is now the coolest sweater in my closet: a $45 barlow dumont sweater.  in the past few years i've become quite the label connoisseur, so i knew i hit it big when i found barlow.  i checked out the sweater online at revolve and discovered it originally retailed for $248.  huge win for team danielle.

i love a good batwing top
as for the rest of my outfit, here's the run down.  i paired my intensely awesome barlow sweater with a men's newsboy hat ($19.90 zara), t by alexander wang tank ($74, still available at shopbop), james jeans motorcycle jeans ($185, shopbop, soldout), and my vintage zodiac cowboy boots.  
i added a few more layers for the trek to the museum of art: vince leather jacket, bop basics by shopbop scarf and my $65 cashmere fingerless gloves with mitten covers, also from shopbop.  i love these gloves so much i actually replaced them after losing them on a night on the town in the city.  lesson learned - i will never let it happen again.  
 and finally, a close up of my magnificent motorcycle jeans.  i've got a few pairs of these, but james jeans is the best of all the brands.  after 15+ wears and washes, all the stitching remains intact and the shape stays resilient.  

it was a super successful day all in all.  if you're a lucky ducky maybe there's a crossroads trading store near you.  next time i'm in chicago i'm definitely going back!  check them out online at

music: the big pink

and the band plays on despite a pink haze, flakes of snow and shattering glass.  dominos by the big pink is a kickass badass song with a captivating accompanying video.  no sign of dominos in the video but i'm still tickled pink by it.  
the discovery of dominos brought me to another song by the big pink.  here's an awesome pulsing dark song with an equally kickass video, velvet.

i haven't had the time to check out all the other material from the big pink but it's on my agenda.  do you have any favorites by this badass band?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

holy crap! i won fabsugar's look of the day!

i recently joined fabsugar to post my "look of the day".  for those of you that don't know, fabsugar is the fashion website sister to popsugar, a popular celebrity gossip site.  i've been a fan of fabsugar and popsugar for a while now, so figured it wouldn't hurt to try my luck posting the outfits i blog about here.  to my surprise this morning, a few of my readers keyed me in to the fact that I WON TUESDAY'S LOOK OF THE DAY!  here's what fabsugar had to say: 
"What do you wear when you travel? We tend to layer — leggings and sweaters and scarves — always trying to achieve a look that's layered and chic, not layered and frumpy. Fab reader indieelectroalt nails the layered chic look in her outfit she calls jet-setting attire. With the slouchy knee boots, oversize cardigan, sparkly scarf and aviators, it is some pretty cool jet-setting attire.  Congrats to indieelectroalt!  Everyone else, submit your looks, and I might feature you on FabSugar!"
on a day where i'm yet again under the weather and laid out in bed, this has been a huge ray of sunshine for me!  and huge thanks to my readers for letting me know i was chosen!  give it a shot, maybe you'll be chosen too!

me: chicago streetwear

although this trip i had the luxury of checking a bag, i still tried to be conservative on the amount of stuff i packed for the chicago trip.  since we were dealing with potentially chilly weather and the chance of rain, i packed a lot of pieces for layering.  and since we planned to conquer most of the city on foot, i needed to pack smart and comfortable footwear.  (lesson learned the hard way after sporting brand new pair of two inch heeled cowboy boots to disneyland in january.  plantar fasciitis is not a fun way to spend or end your vacation.)
vince paper leather jacket, $280 ish, tjmaxx
h&m hooded sweatshirt
chaser sleeveless tee, $18, hautelook
frankie b jeggings
zodiac vintage cowboy boots
rayban cats 5000 sunglasses, $105, blufly (soldout)
my zodiac vintage cowboy boots are a a go-to for comfortable ground stomping.  i found them a few years ago for about $40 at retrospect vintage in philadelphia.

hoofing it through downtown chicago.
zara men's newsboy hat, $19.90
vince grey t shirt, tjmaxx
alice and olivia zip ankle jeans, tjmaxx
alexander wang brenda zip chain bag, shopbop

a few days later taking in the sights at the lincoln park zoo.

after seeing a million super stylish chicks walking around chicago, i was happy i made the effort to look hip.  chicago girls really know how to dress.  big scarves, leather jackets, motorcycle boots, cute hats.  huge amounts of girl crushes quickly ensued.  i'm a sucker for well dressed chicks.  now if i could only learn to pay strangers more compliments instead of staring and whispering to the the bf "god i love her outfit".    

music: white lies

if you like the bravery you're definitely gonna like white lies.  i'm a huge nerd when it comes to this blog, so i keep a running list of songs and fashion i want to write about on my blackberry.  i first heard to lose my life by the white lies a few weeks back.  i made a note in my phone and next to it typed "if you like the bravery".  it was blaring on my ipod last week and my bf said, "who is this?  it sounds just like the bravery.  but a little bit like that band you like with the guy with the creepy monotone voice".  "she wants revenge?"  "yup".  he's absolutely right.  white lies is like the spawn of the bravery and she wants revenge.  great minds think alike and that ladies and gentlemen is why i date the man.  
i hope you enjoy white lies' to lose my life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

me: jetsetting attire

after years of traveling in sweat pants, i made a pact with myself that i would forever try to make some sort of effort with my clothes when jetsetting.  i had the unfortunate experience of once having my bags lost on a short flight to ny.  i felt like a tool in my oversized sweats and t shirt as i mingled with work colleagues at a hotel restaurant.  a lame but humbling experience to say the least.  while i'll never travel wearing makeup, i always now try to look cool and presentable on planes.  a little less vagabond, a little more vagabond sheek.  

h&m scarf
urban outfitters chunky knit sweater
quiksilver cardigan
diesel dress
forever 21 leggings
aldo slouch boots
sans makeup, i gotta keep the peepers covered with my rayban aviators
$139 at shopbop
but i got them for a cool $70 at neiman marcus last call
here's a closer look at my comfortable lightweight quiksilver cardigan
quiksilver dover street shredded back cardigan in chain mail
$88 from revolve (sold out)
gotta love the back detail.  super badass.
what's your go to garb when jetsetting?

music: jhameel. he's his own genre.

what did i do to deserve stumbling across jhameel?  i'm not sure, but karma was clearly rewarding me for some positive action.  i can't begin to figure out what genre to put jhameel in, so let's just say he's got a genre of his own.  his voice is powerful, he plays violin and guitar to name a few, and he's got some of the most unique music i've heard recently.  if you like mgmt or yeasayer you'll probably appreciate him.  his softer stuff reminds me a little of angus and julia or damien rice.  i bought 8 songs from his new album...
the human condition

bernal heights
two of my other favorites, until the forest knows and soldier's daughter sadly didn't have any available videos on youtube.  they're a little slower than the others, but just as magical.
finally, as if i needed any further proof that this guy dominates...i found his cover of my favorite song, the knife's heartbeats.  watch this video and it'll become very obvious to you that jhameel is one seriously talented dude.

it gets better...on his website you can download the entire album, "the human condition" FOR FREE.  i wish i noticed that before i paid for it on itunes: damn it captain hindsight.  you can also check out all of his videos, concert info, press and adorable pics (see below).  three cheers for jhameel.  i love this guy!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

girls: greige days: fall 2011

the fashion world spins at a faster pace than the planet most of us inhabit.  it doesn't  even feel like spring yet, but most designers unleashed their fall 2011 collections months ago.  i'm all about planning ahead and staying organized.  which is why i'm already thinking about what looks i'm going to wear in preparation for the late summer/early fall.  
fall is trending in a similar direction to the greys, whites, and khakis of spring 2011, but with a twist.  shades of grey in combination with brown or beige were all over the fall 2011 RTW runways.  rag & bone did cream, beige and khaki in graphic, geometric, futuristic patterns.  vpl mixed grey with chocolate and khaki in soft but structured pieces.  and charlotte ronson kept it a little more casual with multiple hues of brown and grey.  i'm definitely incorporating the greys/creams i already own, and adding something in chocolate.  fall will be all about shades of greige.  earth tones unite!

rag & bone
Rag & Bone Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearRag & Bone Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearRag & Bone Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

VPL Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearVPL Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearVPL Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

charlotte ronson
Charlotte Ronson Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearCharlotte Ronson Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearCharlotte Ronson Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

(all images from

which designers are rocking your world and influencing your style lately?

music: imogen heap

imogen heap, known to some as frou frou, has more musical talent than most of us could ever dream of.  i bet she was in the gifted program in elementary school.  her music has gone slightly mainstream with let go (as frou frou) on the garden state soundtrack, and even more so when she was sampled two summer's ago by jason derulo, "what you say?  ooh that you only meant well".  i can't deny that was one seriously smart sample, as much as i loathe the use of wonderful indie songs in mainstream pop music.  it was catchy.  i'll give him that.  andy samberg even used the same song hide and seek in his hilarious "dear sister" skit.  

so while you might be familiar with some of imogen heap's sampled or parodied songs, i'd like to introduce you to one of my favorites, i am in love with you from her 2005 album, "speak for yourself".
Speak for Yourself
i think all of us can relate to her description of a love-hate relationship.  and most of us can also relate to the bitchin beats, bells, and keyboards.  this song is sheer perfection, and after six years on my ipod, it still hasn't gotten old for me.
i am in love with you

Saturday, March 26, 2011

me: follow follow follow. please. thank you :)

photo by hannan saleh
hannan saleh facebook fan page
hi muffins.  just a quick post to say a few things...

first: huge thanks to everyone who has laid eyes on my blog, become a follower, or left a comment.  it makes me happier than you can image that there are people out there that appreciate what i have to say.  i wanted to start a blog for a few years, and am so thankful i mustered up the balls to do it.  i'm even more thankful that you actually like it!  you're the best!

and second: if you like it, follow it!  pretty please.  here are a few ways you can keep up to date with all of my fashion and music posts:

- become a fan on my facebook page!  it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.  click the link.  click the like button.  boom, you're now a fan.  click here to like me on facebook!

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- follow me on bloglovin!  just click the button below.  i love bloglovin because it allows me to see updates from all the blogs i read in a clean and easy format complete with images.  i love it!

please keep the feedback coming cause i'm open to all of your suggestions!  thanks again to all the fans and all the avid indieelectronicalternative readers.  you dominate.  you know this.  you're all dear to my <3

girls: da bears, da bulls, da best shopping i've seen in da longest time!

i've done my fair share of shopping in major metropolitan cities.  i've lugged bags and emptied my wallet around the streets and stores of los angeles, new york, boston, and the place i call home, the city of brotherly love.  i happen to think philly's got some great shopping.  we've got the small boutiques of old city, the bohemoth macy's and bloomingdales, the high end and low end shops of walnut street, and the luxury of large malls close to our east and our west.  but nothing could prepare me for the shock that was "shopping in chicago".  midwest, i will never hate on you as you have proven yourself as an american shopping empire.  as the bf and i hoofed the downtown area i immediately realized i'd underestimated how awesome our day was going to be.  "dude, they have a cartier store here?"  yes, yes they do.  they also have a to die for shoe selection at nordstrom, where i tortured him for over an hour as i giggled and repeatedly asked to try on "just one more pair" of shoes.  
of course because i was ready to spend the equivalent of a new kitchen, nothing seemed to fit.  at nordstrom's the jeffrey campbell oxfords i was ready to propose to weren't available in my size.  i latched on to a pair of his woven brown leather sandals.  they fit nearly perfectly aside from a slight pinch on one of my toes.  at my age i know better: they weren't going to get more comfortable later.  i got a sweet sense of nostalgia from them that sent me back to my childhood shoes.  they were simple, i could see all of my toes through the woven leather, and they had a skinny little ankle strap that went across the top of my foot.  like adorable flat mary jane sandals you'd wear when you were seven.  i pictured them with long peasant skirts and loose tanks.  i had big dreams for the two of us.  but it sadly didn't work out.  it was clearly not meant to be.  here are my beloveds.

jeffrey campbell oxford heaven.  sigh.

Lattice Mary Jane Sandal
jeffrey campbell lattice maryjane sandal, $98
(image from
Jeffrey Campbell 'Lookbook' Oxford
jeffrey campbell oxford, $109.95
why, why did they not have these in my size.
i would have crushed them at work every day this summer.

luckily i fared better at forever 21.  i always like to check out forever 21 when i travel to different cities because i always manage to find things that aren't available at our local stores.  i'm going to have a whale of a time this summer in these adorable canvas sneakers.  somebody say happy hour?
forever 21 canvas whale shoes, $7.50
summer wardrobe stable.  i promise you.

and i couldn't say no to this beachy summer dress.  i'll get some pics up of me rocking it asap.

forever 21 abstract woven dress, $18.90
this one came home with me

the biggest shopping tragedy of the weekend went down at zara.  philadelphia zara: get your shit together.  because in a battle of who has more awesome stuff, chicago zara just stomped your yard.  i have to thank my bf for not breaking up with me after this experience.  i tried on 10 things and didn't end up buying anything there.  the selection in zara was mind boggling.  they've managed to put out one serious collection of well made skirts, suiting, tops, and dresses.  i walked through the sea of nudes, creams, reds, and blacks and pretty much drooled on everything.  apologies chicago zara.  in an unfortunate manner, nothing i scooped up fit correctly.  the beautiful leather skirt was too big even in a size S.  the leather dress was set up to be the best purchase of 2011, but sadly the neckline sagged due to the heavy security tag contraption that hung from it.  and the saddest of all: the immaculately constructed camel zip up coat.  i declared to the bf, "i don't care if it's almost spring, this is the most beautiful jacket i've ever seen.  it looks like it costs $500, the seaming is perfect, the cut is timeless.  ahh it fits!  i'm getting it."  and then i noticed the small grease stain on the front.  congratulations to whoever touched this masterpiece with a greasy finger.  you've managed to ruin the most beautiful and appropriately priced piece in this store.  for shame.  

zara imitation leather skirt, $89.90
leather dress with frill, $189
zara zip up coat, $159

i drowned my sorrows the way any girl would: over a steaming hot pan of chicago deep dish pizza.  the shopping trip wasn't a complete bust since i'm excited to rock my whale shoes and my breezy summer dress.  but i'll be hunting down every zara near philly to find my beloved zip up coat.  i will get the job done.  greasy fingers need not apply.  

music: hot raw sex

i'll have what he's having!  i love hot raw sex by jimmy edgar.  it's a hell of a good time.  and that's all i'm gonna saw about that.

Friday, March 25, 2011

me: friday night lights

i recently went to a small dinner in northern liberties to celebrate a friend's birthday.  i was trying to keep it casual but funky, and this is what i came up with.  nothing in this entire outfit was paid for at full price.  that makes me happy because lately i've been losing my patience and jumping on new things as soon as they're available.  every now and then i can twiddle my thumbs for a few weeks until a sale hits.  this outfit is a fine example of what patience and some extra cash can get you.  enjoy!
wyatt heather grey jersey belted dress, $54.99 bluefly
mirror dash sweater vest, $29.99, urban outfitters, soldout
click to view all currently available women's tops at urban outfitters
hype rebecca cross body bag, $89, gilt
necklace, urban outfitters
tights, loehmann's
sam edelman women's sutton boots, $179
purchased at neiman marcus last call but
 on right: fallon hell's angel bracelet, $75, gilt
on left: mixed metal bracelet, urban outfitters (available in stores, not online)