Sunday, May 18, 2014

you're not the one

music inspires what i wear and how i feel.  what better way to share both my passions together in a music/fashion post!  today i'm featuring a new favorite song with a new favorite accessory: my happy plugs in ear headphones!  these little cuties come in 16 different colors and produce big sound.  they've got a built in mic and remote so they're perfect for a multi-tasking machine like me :)

so what am i listening to on my happy plugs?  sky ferreira is a rebellious indie pop princess whose music i first heard while shopping in the city a few weeks ago.  if you haven't heard of her before, you're not the one is the perfect introduction to her awesomeness!   

isn't she lovely?  
if you want to pick up a pair of happy plugs you can get them for $35 here.  they come in purple, pink, red, name it, they've got it. 
enjoy the rest of your weekend indie lovers! 


  1. Lovely! ;) You hacve an amazing style!

  2. Love ur hair nd shades